Please read the following details thoroughly before sending us your tattoo proposal!

We receive a high volume of requests and our artists can book months in advance, so thank you for your patience as it may take up to a week to hear a response from us. Please email the artist directly and include all of the information below after you have explored portfolios and when you know who you want to work with:

Jaclin Hastings- (Jaclin's books are currently closed and will open early this winter 2017 for review of new proposals; follow her on Instagram for updates).

Niki Woltja- (Niki's books are currently closed and will open after the new year; follow her on Instagram for updates).

Annie Bone- (Annie is on maternity leave for the month of September and will be booking again in October; follow her on Instagram for updates). 

Zack Mueller-

Emily Sites Karns-

Jeremiah Griswold- (Jeremiah's books open on the first day of each season to book for the following season (for example, they will open on the first day of fall (September 22nd 2017) for sessions in the winter). On those days you may email your proposal, and please include all the info listed below. For your consideration, Jeremiah's hourly rate is $250 per hour and a $100 non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm the booking. The $100 deposit goes toward the price of the tattoo and is non-refundable but may be transferred to a rescheduled appointment if we are notified at least seven days before the original appointment.

All of our tattoos are by appointment only as they are custom designed. Our artists currently book several weeks or even months in advance, however we are sometimes able to fit in smaller pieces sooner. We do most of our consultation through email, so send us a detailed description of what you have in mind and include all of the following:

1. As much detailed information about the design you have in mind and any elements you would like us to consider including in the design.

2. How big you envision the tattoo.

3. What location on the body you would like the tattoo. 

4. Attach any reference pictures you would like us to consider for content, style, or font. 

5. If we are covering or adding to existing tattoos, please include a photograph of the existing tattoo and the area you would like the new work to situate.

6. Any other questions you might have about the tattoo proposal.  

7. A phone number we can reach you.

8. Optional: Include a description and context of the significance of your proposal and what the tattoo means to you. This is not mandatory but sometimes helpful for the artist to consider.

Once we have gathered this information we will respond as soon as possible with any further questions, or if there are no further questions we will provide a cost estimate and let you know our availability for scheduling the tattoo session. At that point we will provide directions to the studio and helpful tips for you to consider to help the tattoo session be as enjoyable as possible. You will have the opportunity to approve the design and the size of the design at the time of the tattoo appointment, and amendments can be made at that time (though this is rarely necessary). 

We look forward to providing an excellent tattoo experience for you!